6 Creative Ways to Use Repeat Grids in Adobe XD

6 Creative Ways to Use Repeat Grids in Adobe XD

AdobeXD recently made a big splash during their announcement because of a few unique features, including the “Repeat Grid.” This magical button that turns any group of elements into a grid that repeats those objects.

That’s not the best part, though. Using repeat grids, you can easily populate text and images so each grid has unique content.This makes it an obvious tool to use when creating tables and lists. But some might wonder what other uses Repeat Grid might have in their design workflow.

The Hamburger Menu

Because spacing is consistent with some elements within icons you can use the repeat grid to test the appropriate spacing fairly quickly.

More Menu

Similar to repeating rows for a hamburger menu, you can also use the repeat grid to repeat the circles in a “more” menu to quickly adjust the spacing to your liking.

Star Rating

One neat trick about using repeat grid for ratings is the power of cropping the last star to ½ .


This is, perhaps, the most common use for repeat grids. You can easily select a bundle of objects and create a repeat grid to populate different images and text in a list.

Album or Product Sliders

Recreate new albums or artists in a slider using the repeat grid, which has the ability to populate album images on the fly.

Pop-out Menu

Instead of creating 10 different menu links that you’ll have to change 10 different times if you change your mind about font styles or objects, use the repeat grid.


These are only a few examples of how Repeat Grids come in handy. The possibilities are endless with a tool like this.

Via: Designmodo