A Guide To Choose Color Palettes

A Guide To Choose Color Palettes

Certain colors or shades evoke different sentiments in people. Let’s see a quick introduction to color theory, ways to combine colors, and tools for designing with color.

Color attributes:

  1. Red has been traditionally associated with Love, Energy, and Intensity. So a lot of car ads, or anything related to love are some shade of red.
  2. Yellow tends to be used for things to convey Joy, Attention, Intellect. It’s an excellent choice for app icon design or app screenshot design.
  3. Green has been associated with Freshness, Safety, and Growth.
  4. Blue – Stability. Trust. Serenity. No surprise why both Facebook and Twitter are blue.
  5. Purple stands for royalty. Wealth. Feminity. Purple tends to be used for women-targeted products. And luxury products.

Choosing a color palette is not all about advertising and attention-grabbing, though. It’s also about selling your product and appealing to certain instincts or desires that people have.

How to combine colors to create color palettes

To combine colors, artists and designers often use color wheel.

There are a few ways you can use the science of color theory to combine different colors for your designs.

Analogous Color Palette

You pick up a color and its adjacent color from the color wheel. And you create a design using those colors. Analogous colors create a design that is harmonious and easy to look at.

Complementary Color Palette

Pick a color and pick another color opposite to it on the color wheel. Complementary Color design is usually attention-grabbing, use them for your app icon or the screenshots.

Split Colors

Pick up a color and then pick up two colors that are adjacent to the opposite color. They’re still attention-grabbing but also pleasant to look at.

Triadic Color Palette

You pick up a color and draw an equilateral triangle. They tend to give a well-balanced feel.

Monochromatic Colours

You pick up a single color and combine it with either various amounts of white or various amounts of black to create different tones and shades that stand out from each other.

Tools for designing with color

There are tons of online tools to use for finding a color palette or making your own. Most used tools are:

  1. Color Hunt.
  2. Flat UI Colors.
  3. ColorZilla.

By using these tools, understanding the theory behind moods of color, and mixing and matching colors, you should be able to arrive at a color palette that is suitable for your app/website project. This will help make your product look appealing as well as to evoke a certain idea or emotion within your user.

Via: thenextweb