Best Tools For Web Designers

Best Tools For Web Designers

The design world moves fast and there’s always new tools coming out. This article from designmodo highlights some of the best tools for the web designers here. Some of these tools are desktop programs, others are SaaS apps or browser tools.

Adobe XD

The newest design program from Adobe’s HQ is Adobe XD. This was built as a strong alternative to Photoshop since it’s made specifically for prototyping and mockup design.

Sketch App

Sketch is Adobe’s biggest competitor in the design space. It’s much cheaper than all of the Adobe products and you can get it for a one-time fee.

Plant Version Control

Plant is a version control the way designers want it to be. You can manage your files easily with a solid backend + full GUI control over everything.


Principle is probably the best UX animation software out there. You can easily import Sketch files or PSDs into Principle and use those elements for animating.


Figma is a powerful prototyping tool that supports every stage of the design process with collaboration between team members.


Presentator is a free open source collaboration tool for designers, all of which runs directly in your web browser. Simply upload designs and share them with team members, clients, whoever you want.


Webflow is a visual site builder. With Webflow you have control over the design, code, and final launch of every project you build. It’s so much more than a simple visual editor. It’s really like a digital design tool made for digital designers.


Fontjoy webapp is a free tool pulls a full library of fonts straight from Google Webfonts and curates them together on one page. Then you choose which font(s) you’d like to test including the size, weight, and line height on the page.


FontBase is a 100{9e43a307b18de448c72b0fa507f7c01348fc6bbc7702412d79277b0ebdc5b8ae} free font management tool that runs on all 3 major operating systems. It offers a visual GUI for all the fonts on your system organized by collections, font foundries, and even custom folders.


Vectr is perhaps the coolest one on the market with a browser and desktop app you can use for free. The program supports itself through paid upgrades like premium assets and custom add-ons.


Want a better way to organize all those iconsets you download? IconJar is the solution.

Right now it’s only available for MacOS but it may get a Windows update in the near future. This is no doubt the best program for managing icons locally without digging through folders by hand.

Moving Forward

Things change and new tools come out all the time. The best way to stay on top of the game is by reading blogs and following design news. This way you know about all the options available and what else you can try using for your projects.

Via: designmodo