Color Hunt

Color Hunt: Behind The Scenes

This blog piece aims to provide a clear view about how Color Hunt, a highly successful Community for designers was born.

Gal Shir, a designer and architect started collecting and curating a collection of color palettes as a side project with the main aim of sharing his passion for colors with like minded other designers. It evolved into a go-to resource for designers, artists, developers who wandered in search for fresh color combination to color their projects.

 Gal Shir was frequently consulted by his friends circle to choose colors for their work. Sometimes this consultations greatly distracted him from doing his actual job. So he came up with an idea to setup a simple web page that consisted of basic color combinations in the form of color pallettes. The basic idea is to share the web page link to his friends for helping them with their color ideas. Initially Gal started with the simple HTML page and developed a simple palette creator with like button and a sorting menu.

When the site evolved into a public contributing color palette space on the web, some of the prominent challenges Gal faced were scaling the collection, Keeping the quality and driving user engagement to the next level while being a unique platform. Later a refined version of color hunt was launched as a new product in product Hunt. It received an overwhelming response with upvotes, exposure and traffic from the designer community even in other major social platforms.

Color Hunt currently has 20000 daily users and more than 3000 subscribers. In future, adding a search option, developing lists, open access to APIs and Sketch plugin can be expected from the color hunt.

Via: MarvelApp