Design Tips for Mobile Checkout Screens

Design Tips For Mobile Checkout Screens

Curated design ideas by Jake Rocheleau for the mobile checkout page. As he says, these tips may not apply the same to every shop, and the differences hinge on the type of products you sell.

Easy Editing Options

The entire flow from product page to checkout should feel incredibly simple. This means when visitors tap that “checkout” CTA they should have easy access to edit their order if needed.

Don’t add resistance to the checkout or make it tougher than it needs to be. Show them everything before the final checkout and give them full access to edit their order. This creates a psychology of building trust and ensuring that they really want to purchase.

Link Payment Methods

Whenever a customer buy something ask if they want to save the payment method for future purchases. You can then create a screen that lets the buyer choose between credit cards, PayPal accounts, or whatever payment methods they’ve used in the past.

Not every buyer will want to do this. You’ll still need a secure form to take credit card info.

Use A Step-By-Step Checkout Flow

Whether you use tabs, breadcrumbs, or circular links, all of them can work as progress steps. These help guide the user through the checkout process telling them exactly when they’ll be done with everything. With this technique you can run a very specific type of UI/UX effect. But the overall checkout process is improved through the same end goal: clarifying each step of the buyer’s journey.

Try looking over a bunch of progress bar designs to see which ones you like best.

Give A Final Purchase Overview

There’s often some hesitation in the buyer’s mind before they click that final “purchase” button. You can put their mind at ease by offering one final confirmation screen with a full summary of their order. This is especially handy on mobile where the browser doesn’t have easy tabs, there’s no mouse, and it’s tougher to review the order with the small screen.

If they feel comfortable and secure with the purchase then they’ll be much more inclined to tap that final purchase button without hesitation.

Moving Forward

If you’ve never designed for mobile screens then you’ll be entering brand new territory with these trends. But don’t let this scare you away!

With all of these tips at your disposal you should have no problem designing a mobile checkout page that’s intuitive, encouraging, and likely to convert.

Via: Designmodo