Facebook Wrote The Book On Addictive UX, And It’s Rewriting It For Kids

Facebook Wrote The Book On Addictive UX, And It’s Rewriting It For Kids

Messenger Kids A new app by Facebook for kids

Is the company’s new app for kids a boon for parents, or a pipeline for engaging new Facebook users? Meanwhile, Facebook maintains that the app protects kids and gives parents the control they want over their children’s digital communications.

It’s meant to be more fun than video chat services like FaceTime or Google Hangouts; Besides being able to message and call their friends and family, on Messenger Kids young children can also play with a seemingly endless array of what Ryan Goodman, the lead Facebook designer for the app, calls “creative tools” stickers for every possible emotion a child could have, AR masks that turn your face into giant emojis, and frames to add pizzazz to your photos.

Facebook points out that it designed the app with kids, parents, and child development and safety experts. According to the company, Messenger Kids is fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which gives parents control over what data companies can collect about children online.

The app’s privacy policy specifies that Facebook collects all data regarding registration information, all the content a child receives and sends on Messenger Kids, all their contacts, and how the young user engages with the app.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of Messenger Kids for Facebook as a company far outweigh the benefits for the app’s young potential users.

Via: Co.Design