Overcoming Bias In Design Consulting

Bias is an inherent part of our society, but as designers as well as professionals we should ensure this four letter word does not limit our product growth or innovation. To eliminate bias is a herculean task; a small step towards it could be recognizing that there exists a bias.

How do we overcome it?

1. Start from the roots – Team

While working in a team, we deal with diverse individuals with varied thought processes. Also decision making can often happen in terms of majority that can overlook an otherwise prudent decision by a minority. Ask questions why people think the way they do. This kind of an interview technique can help in ruling out the bias as people are upfront about it.

2. Client management

“Client is the king”, would definitely be an understatement. As creatives, we need to understand their needs and develop a product according to it. Design culture doesn’t allow us to work on the basis of generalized assumptions but on a realistic conversation with the client. Take constant feedback, make sure there’s clarity between what you’re doing and what the client wants.

3. Overcoming the unconscious bias in UX design

Often our blind spots can be quite tiny to the companies, but if addressed could make a huge difference to certain subsets of our users. There are lots of apps in the market which guide us in the process by helping designers to figure out whom they’re forgetting in the process. With each click, we get to see varied perspectives which enable us to be more innovative when a web design is concerned.

4. Empowering Diversity

With quite a lot of companies taking initiatives to attract female workforce and people of colour, it has created a positive stir in the working environment. Diversity ensures the work appeals to a wider audience.

The basic take away is that understand your audience, broaden your perspective, validate with it and make sure whether it’s the end result the clients as well as the users desire. With millennial, it’s always wise to practice inclusive design for a better and effective web design.

Via: Invision