How to Evangelize Design Thinking Beyond Just Buzzwords

How to Evangelize Design Thinking Beyond Just Buzzwords

Design thinking is a very straight forward concept. It is focusing on customer needs, coming up with ideas and obtaining feedback to focus and refine those ideas. People in non-design roles often get distracted from the customer needs and wants. But through structured activities we can teach them to refocus on customer problems and improve the bottom line. Design thinking is a problem-solving strategy to improve the business process. With right people teaching it, the profitability of the firm will increase.

But before you can lead design change, you need to:

  1. Know what you’re pitching and how it benefits the bottom line.
  2. Understand how design thinking fits into the current system and culture.
  3. Know where to find crucial points of influence that make or break your efforts—it’s very difficult to encourage shifts in process and perspective without a strong fan base.

So to successfully implement design thinking across your own organization, you must first align with (or devise) a process for execution and collection of results. Next, you’ll need to quantify those results.

Via: UXpin