Design Thinking to Work Across Departments

How to Put Design Thinking to Work Across Departments

Design thinking is a creative strategy that designers use during designing. Now we see it even implemented in some of the core practices in the workflow.

Five steps that define design thinking are:

1. Observe

2. Ideate

3. Prototype

4. Feedback and iteration

5. Implementation

Design thinking need not stay within design departments. the companies achieve more success when every department understands and puts design thinking to use in everything they work on. Let see how we can implement the above steps above and beyond departments.

Observe: Solidify what it is you’re looking to solve and go through research and figure out the paths to solve it.

Ideate: Generate multiple hypothesis to your questions, put them in to test and select the best idea that would solve the questions

Prototype: It is a way to turn your idea into reality by working on a model to show potential users, investors and others

Feedback and iteration: The goal of this step is to weed what doesn’t meet your user needs through obtaining feedback from the customers by getting your prototype to their hands.

Implementation: After obtaining the feedback from the consumers and investors, you launch your product into the market once you feel your product fully satisfy the customer needs.