The Best UX is No User Interface at All

Oh! How the times have changed? That’s rhetorical but you see my point. Being obsessed over User Interfaces which gave us the liberty to see and experience anything on screen used to be one of the best feelings ever. The world evolving from windows 98’s freedom of customization where you get to play with the themes, fonts, icons and wallpapers to windows XP with a better integrated and more finely- designed interface is possibly one of the best changes a person could have seen.

Of course, a lot more Operating Systems have come forward with advanced design ideas and further development techniques but recently, Burke Holland on CSS-Tricks quoted a revolutionary message on his article that said ‘The best UX is no user interface at all’. What it talks about is Natural-Language Processing which helps bridge the gap between the user and the operating system with language interaction.

For instance, the well-known Siri or Cortana. The article specifies the ability to communicate with Artificial Intelligence via spoken language and how this thorough concept could be an ideal method of being a substitute/contributor to user interfaces without even using them. For instance, in the case of iPhones, when to set a remainder for an event, scrolling, typing and pressing a lot of buttons would be necessary to get the job done. Whereas, if you’re planning on getting the task done with the help of Siri; an artificially intelligent being that is capable of understanding your words, you save a lot of time, with ease. Also, let’s not forget how home automation is becoming a thing now where you get to control your home appliances with voice-control. Obviously Natural-Language Processing isn’t a legitimate substitute for all user interfaces as hindrances are always there but it’ll get there soon, faster than you know it. Proud to think how far we have come.

Via: css-tricks