The Screen is Dead

The screen is dead

We have seen the artificial intelligence and voice AI’S dominating the digital market and users seem to be attracted by the technology which is evolving and taking away the customers with their innovations. In U.S. amazon’s Alexa seem to have 70{9e43a307b18de448c72b0fa507f7c01348fc6bbc7702412d79277b0ebdc5b8ae} -76{9e43a307b18de448c72b0fa507f7c01348fc6bbc7702412d79277b0ebdc5b8ae} of the market share.

The growth of artificial intelligence is substantial and steady over the years. And a retail study indicates that 19{9e43a307b18de448c72b0fa507f7c01348fc6bbc7702412d79277b0ebdc5b8ae} of consumers and nearly half (43{9e43a307b18de448c72b0fa507f7c01348fc6bbc7702412d79277b0ebdc5b8ae}) of Millennials have made a voice-based purchase in the past year. This no doubt has implications for many industries that rely on online transactions for business success—retail, travel, and entertainment included.

The voice based AI make every one comfortable and it makes the customers feel as if someone is there physically to instruct them rather thinking it as artificial intelligence. People now feel comfortable to voice guides rather than reading out the instructions given by them.

For example, when Google Maps tells me precisely the route I should take from the many different options that I know go from point A to point B, I place my trust in Google that the work has been done to supply me with this answer. I rarely question it. I just push “Start” and I follow the directions as they are provided to me.

It’s everywhere AI:

AI was once used only by large firms and to express only few special features but now, it has evolved in every industrial domains. From digital marketing to sales targeting team, everybody focuses to achieve their target in the digital platform. When thinking about ways to optimise the customer acquisition, firms began to develop AI’s which could make them achieve their targets in a much more effective way.

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