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This Is What A Designer-Led Social Network Looks Like

Social networking sites! Okay take a guess! Facebook, google plus, Instagram, Pinterest the list is going endless.

But amidst all these sits a silent yet powerful social media site which can be called a forerunner of how future social media looks like or is gonna look like. as it’s called can be called a “collection of digital meta-theses” or a “playlist of creative ideas” or “it’s a nerdy pinterest”.

But at the end of the day that’s where intellectuals come, gather and work in groups to improve productivity, where most of the creative individuals find a source of inspiration to kick start the next project. It was created in late 2012 as an answer to the hegemony of most social media pushing things towards us. If anyone goes to facebook or any other social media for that matter, you can see an interesting phenomenon. The last item you looked for in will be somewhere in your feed as an advertisement.

How do you think that happens? Because all these social media tracks your data like the photos you like or comment or where you engage the most and then analyze patterns of your behavior. They then put products or services in your feed and then subconsciously make sure you have a repeated exposure to the product or brand. In there is no tracking or advertisements. It’s an ethically designed site with no algorithms to track, no like buttons to click, it’s designed solely for the purpose of incubating your creative ideas. Their ideology is not to push and if anyone is genuinely interested they will buy. Hence they operate on a freemium model where if you start creating more private groups you’ll be charged. Charles Broskoski, the co-founder calls it more like a nice library than a casino and the team intends to keep the site ethical and give freedom for the users to choose what they want.

Via: Co.Design