Why User Flow Should Be Your Top Design Priority

Why User Flow Should Be Your Top Design Priority

Many of the app designers nowadays stick to the core concept of freedom and creativity to explore. They design wonderful apps which are nothing short of visual ecstasy by capturing the principles of UX and UI design. All that’s well and good, but in the process of creating that visual treat of an app and utilizing one’s own creativity to the next extent they completely forget an important stakeholder of the app. The users who are going to be the beneficiaries of the app.

Agreed, the user enjoys visually enhancing and interesting feature rich apps but they look for an important thing called as simplicity.

They don’t wish to do too much work on accessing and using an application. The user should not put too much thinking to understand the app and should use the app naturally. To have this level of extension loaded into an app, it should follow the principles of user flow. Because user flow will directly enhance the success of the app. To keep the user repeat his app usage, consistency is the major key. Consistency across all platforms is expected from the app and it has to extend across the usage also. To create the perfect user flow, follow these steps.

Diagram your user flow: Just like how you would like a process to be visually represented to understand better, so does the user flow requires one for you to understand the flow. Revisit the apps you love: Inspiration not only comes from inside but also from outside. Check all the apps you love and understand the user flow. Critically think why it’s successful. Testing: Continuous and rigorous testing is required to remove the failures one by one and zero in for the perfect app with the required flow. But the most important element for perfecting any user flow is the passion and being people centric. Think how you want your app to run. Then you yourself will get the answer. Don’t get carried away by creativity. Keep it simple and grounded in reality.

Via: Proto.io